The Styling Series: Part One

The Styling Series: Part Two
June 23, 2018
Do you know who is most likely to buy your property?
August 10, 2018

The Styling Series: Part One

When selling properties, it is imperative to identify target buyer demographics and understand what ticks their boxes allowing you to stage a property which best appeals to your buyer’s needs.

Anna Giannis Interiors has compiled a four-part series outlining the importance of staging properties for the correct demographic. The series showcases our knowledge of vendor profiles most commonly seen in Melbourne and highlights the experience of Anna Giannis Interiors.


The Down Sizer

The down sizer is a couple in their early sixties who have worked hard for their whole life and are now retiring. They no longer have children at home, instead have grandchildren visiting! Over their lifetime they have accumulated cherished possessions which hold great sentimental value and have a profound bond to their family home which they have now outgrown.

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“The down sizer is one of the most common demographics of buyers on the market for a new property. Styling for this audience requires an understanding of who they are and their needs”

– Anna Giannis

The top attributes down sizers look for when in the property market:

  • Entertainment space to easily host the family
  • Luxury furnishings in the staging
  • Well-built home with appointed features
  • A low maintenance garden
  • Quality appliances

When styling to the down sizer the home must be furnished elegantly with an air of sophistication. The space should be filled with luxurious furnishings to reflect their successful life and the beginning of a new era. The buyer must feel comfortable to leave their cherished family home into a new space they love and can envision the next chapter of their life in.