Styling Properties to Target vendors for a profitable sale.

The Styling Series: Part Two
June 23, 2018

Styling Properties to Target vendors for a profitable sale.

Anna Giannisis the director of Anna Giannis Interiorsin Melbourne. Anna is an international stylist with fifteen years styling experience having worked in New York, Shanghai and Dubai. Before heading overseas Anna began styling properties for real estate and recallsonly a minority of agents knew or believed in the concept. Anna had to“hard sell”to theagents how important staging was in the success of the overall campaign. Timeshave now changedandAnna Giannis Interiors is a sought after staging company working with leading real estate agencies in Melbourne including Nelson Alexander, Barry Plant and Hocking Stuart.

Anna Giannis Interiors works closely with agents to identify the target market of the property andstyle a home which personifies the lifestyle and needs of a potential buyer. According to Anna”our experience and understanding of the design and layout of housesgives us the edge to stage a home to the desired target market making it seamless for a successful sale.”

In the coming weeks Anna will be sharing a four-part series outlining her knowledge of the range of vendor profiles most commonly seen in the Melbourne real estate market, and how to effectively target segments to achieve sales. These episodes are merely a snapshot of what Anna Giannis Interiors can do for your clientsbut can open a window of selling opportunities.


The Down Sizer                                                                                   

One of the most common demographics of buyers on the market for a new property are the down sizer. The down sizer is often the retired married couple who have worked hard all their lives, now in their early sixties.Their children have left the family home and are now starting families of their own.Over their lifetimethe baby boomers have accumulated many cherished quality possessions which hold great sentimental value to them, and have a profound bond to their family home which they have now outgrown.

The top attributes retired couples who down size search for when purchasing a new property are:

  • A well-appointed but low maintenance house and garden.
  • A space where they can still easily entertain family when they visit.

When styling a property aimed at the down sizer buyer, the home must be furnished elegantly with an air of sophistication. The space should be filled withbeautiful and luxurious furnishings in recognition of their life, providing a home that they can see as a celebration and the beginning to a new phase in their lives. The buyers must resonate with the surroundingsand feel comfortable to leave their cherished family home and move into a new space they love and can envision the next exciting chapter of their life.

About Anna                                                                                                             

Untitled-2Anna is an international designer having worked in New York, Shanghai and Dubai. Hercharisma and work ethic are rightly complimented with prestigious accolades from her peers from the design industry where she has been the recipient of a few awards for projects she designed.

Anna’s international design experience gives her a competitive edge in Styling To Sell as her innate ability to walk through a property and envision what it requires is amazing!

For a truly inspiring meeting please contact us today at Anna Giannis Interiors on 0433 818 804 when you require another professional opinion on how a property can be styled!


The Modern Couple                                                                           


  • 2 incomes no kids
  • Luxury
  • Minimalist
  • Modern
  • Matches their fast-past lifestyle
  • Low-maintenance garden
  • Ability to entertain
  • The first entry into the market


The First Home Buyer                                                                       


  • Envisions his home
  • Aims for growth – investment
  • Able to rent a room out to friends


The Family                                                                                             


  • Space – backyard
  • Won’t outgrow
  • Close to town centre
  • Designing transitional spaces
  • Function/practical
  • Minimal work

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