Anna Giannis Interiors is available to assist you in achieving the perfect layout in your home to maximise space and functionality, whilst providing the desired style and lifestyle elements. Anna will come into your home or assess the space digitally, using her styling experience in collaboration with your wishes to create a floor plan which optimises the spaces potential. Anna can utilise your existing furniture, or work with you to purchase new pieces.The overall outcome of a furniture consultation is to style the home with bespoke pieces in a functional layout which compliments the home, the owner’s lifestyle and highlights the spaces potential.


Anna Giannis Interiors has many years ofexperience with designing custom furniture to suit clients’ aesthetics. Anna specialises in creating bespoke sofas, tailored to the length, depth and inserts required for each client. These commissions are made locally in artisan work rooms and are of the highestquality, meaning they require 8 - 12 weeks to create.