Ruby Woman's Top Tips for a Stylish Winter

Posted on 09 March 2016

Know your skin tone and shop your wardrobe SMART!


We all know how important colours are to our wardrobe. How many of us chose the correct colours based on our skin? Guilty! When it comes to choosing a colour palette for your wardrobe, basic rules apply. For Ivory skin tones, subtle blues and blue-greens in pastel colours will create a subtle and elegant contrast. Olive tones will benefit from a vibrant fuchsia hue to beautifully reflect a rosy glow against the skin. Those with neutral skin tones can utilise both warm and cool colours like a feminine blush pink. Warm golden undertones will glow when paired with creamy peach hues.
So explore with colour and have fun!


Invest in classic staples to carry you through many seasons


Look to garments that the most stylish women have been wearing for years and you’ll pick up on classics. Coats, black trousers, leather boots that will take you through every winter for years to come if you invest wisely! These pieces can be mixed and matched with any number of looks for an endless amount of styling options! Black, white and grey will always be “in”.

Be comfortable!

Always check the weather and dress accordingly…even though in Melbourne we have been known to have all the seasons in one day! There’s nothing worse than being cold and shivering in a sun dress on a rainy day!

Avoid buying clothes that you feel uncomfortable in, as you'll be pulling and adjusting all day! Not a good look! Finally buy something you feel 100% confident and comfortable in.



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