Founder and principal, Anna Giannis is an internationally acclaimed designer. Anna credits her artisan parents, for encouraging and cultivating her creativity from a very young age. In a career approaching two decades in 2021, Anna has worked with clients all over the globe, including Australia, New York, Dubai, Shanghai and Europe. Anna’s team has been collaborating on projects including, bespoke private interiors, residential styling, creating luxe lifestyle products, homewares and fashion collections.

Anna’s work has been featured in many property magazines and New York publications, including, Home Textiles Today and LDB Textiles, where she lived and worked in America for two years in the exclusive 5th Avenue address.

Anna has been honoured to be the recipient of a few design wards in Australia, in Fashion Exposed 2006 Melbourne and for her services in the exclusive spa retreat Q1 Gold Coast, Queensland. Anna loves to mentor young women in the design disciplines and has created a mentoring program since 2016.

She is also a proud member of Australian Design Institute, the National Association of Women in Construction and European Women in Business.

Anna will be launching her book later in 2021.